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The Exchange is a community-focused multicultural center, established to build bridges of friendship across cultures. We provide fun and informative multicultural programming for individuals, communities and organizations.

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Celebrate & Explore

Learning is best done through play. Make the world your playground.




The world is vast and full of possibilities – a continual source of inspiration.

This is where we start, with a love for people and an acknowledgement that history and heritage combine to shape our individual stories, perspectives, and experiences. Out of this passion, we work to strengthen community, creating rich cultural engagement opportunities for one and all.

Does This Sound Familiar?

  • Your interest ranges from having a general curiosity to a deep passion for culture
  • You want to become more culturally competent within your organization or community
  • You like the idea of gleaning, collaborating, and sharing stories with neighbors and peers
  • You want to create a thriving community for yourself and/or your family

If any of the above sound like you, check out the different programs we offer.

Chief Exchange Officer

Keisha Cameron
A former brand designer, Keisha now works to design cross-cultural programs all across the country. As a trainer she helps others facilitate changes that embrace diversity and increase inter-cultural communication and collaboration.


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