Soul Food Circles are a dynamic, transformational space dedicated to nurturing the hearts, minds, bodies, and spirits of Women of Color, encouraging health, healing and well-being through creativity, sisterhood, and support.



Intimate gatherings of multi-generational Women of Color, celebrating our sisterhood. We gather in support of one another, not in competition with one another and through food, fellowship, and fun, we tend to our emotional and spiritual health.

health potential with no health disparities based on race, ethnicity, gender, culture, age or socioeconomic status.

sharing wisdom and grace

gathers every four to six weeks at the home of a member

Soul Food Circles take place every third Sunday of the month in 2017. View times and dates.

We meet regularly. Sister circles only work when members commit to gathering regularly. It’s the time spent supporting one another that builds a bond and trust and separates the circle from periodic lunches with other friends. Sisters in circles show their devotion to one another by investing their time.

The circle works best when everyone has an opportunity to contribute and to listen to the responses from others.

Here’s where you can connect with other like-minded sisters — Whatever you need, we’re here to help. Drop us a line at


one giant circle made up of lots of smaller circles

Our circle is sacred

We come to our circle with love, consciousness, honor and respect. We are women of integrity and honor. We speak our truths fearlessly and lovingly.

2. Our circle is private – Trust is paramount in a sister circle. Women in our circle are invited to share their personal challenges and heartaches. Whatever is revealed in our circle is held in strictest confidence by all members.

3. Our circle is creative – The sharing of talents, art, and handmade items is welcome and celebrated.

4. Our circle is leaderless – All women who are members of this circle share in the responsibility of creating an experience shared by the whole group.

bring safety, healing, light and warmth
sisters become fully realized and supported by our love.

7. Our circle is intimate – Our first circle will determine the size of our group and the sisters we will journey with in 2017. Once established, any new members who wish to join (if there is space) must be approved by the circle.